Creating a Provider-Centered Innovation Ecosystem

Aug 8, 2022

Client Need

An advisory firm that ran a digital health innovation ecosystem at an AMC wanted to scale up and expand their ecosystem, with the goal of bringing in more health systems and attracting more corporate partners.

Project Objectives

  • Identify current and potential players in the health ecosystem and define value propositions for these health systems
  • Develop a monetization model
  • Create a roadmap for expanding and developing the digital health innovation ecosystem

Our Approach

We took the approach of analyzing current ecosystem operations to create optimization strategy, analyzing unmet needs of potential partners and defining value propositions to align engagement pathways as well as generating monetization models for each engagement.

Our findings:

  • While corporate partners benefit from their alignment with the health system and the health system found value in its “innovation reputation,” the health system expressed a lack of material improvement from its participation with the ecosystem.
  • We created a set of tiered offerings for the health systems corresponding to different customer segments and engagement pathways.
  • We also created a monetization framework and revenue model.

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