Digital innovation strategy:

One of’s most popular services is what we call “innovation in a box.” Because health systems tend to stifle innovation –  despite the best efforts of individuals within them – innovation works best if it is outside of, yet connected to, a health system. We:

  • Put structures in place to support innovation in an organization without getting bogged down by organizational challenges
  • Establishing strategic partnerships and acceleration frameworks, so solutions can achieve moonshot goals
  • Conduct shark tanks and pitch festivals to solicit new ideas
  • Aligning the criteria for solution selection with the organization’s goals

Too often, health systems are bombarded by vendors who have promising standalone tools but no resources to integrate them into the system. Our work puts guardrails and frameworks in place, enabling health systems to benefit from those innovative ideas. 

Innovation portfolio management:

Most health systems have a roster of digital health solutions – or maybe it’s more like a haphazard pile. You need a process for evaluating, selecting, and integrating digital health solutions into an established portfolio for your organization. supports your health system’s digital health portfolio by:

  • Defining health system priorities as they relate to digital health
  • Determining which companies the system is currently partnering with and how products under evaluation are performing in their pilots
  • Finding how metrics are currently being generated
  • Aligning the digital health solution selection process with health system priorities
  • Evaluating the capacity of potential digital health partners to meet the organization’s needs
  • Figuring out how to manage the roll-out of successful pilot projects across the organization

The result? A tactically achievable game plan for enhancing digital adoption in your organization.

Value-based care via digital: transformation

To capitalize on digital health, understanding your health system’s value-based care contracts is a necessary first step. Only by understanding the payment models and modalities in play within an organization can you determine the pathways through which digital innovation can thrive. 

But value-based care contracts are complex. can help by:

  • Evaluating the health system’s current value-based care contracts
  • Prioritizing the organization’s goals and objectives based on those contracts
  • Determining the health system’s existing pathway for digital solutions, as outlined by the contract models at play