Digital health immersion

We encourage you to widen your perspective to incorporate the strategic landscape digital health represents. We’ll engage you in the practical considerations involved in bringing a digital health solution to market, including facilitating technical integration.

Digital health discovery & portfolio strategy:

Leveraging digital health appropriately in your company’s strategic focus areas has the power to become a key enabler of your business. But which digital health products or ideas will advance your company’s vision? How should you be approaching digital health innovation? 

Applying powerful innovation techniques, will help you build a relevant digital health portfolio strategy by identifying strategically relevant digital health solutions that answer key unmet needs in the care ecosystem. Then, we’ll work with you to road test possible solution concepts using real-world expertise and market feedback.

Digital health partnership advisory:

Once you have clarity on which digital health solution you want to introduce to the ecosystem and have a specific digital health company in mind you want to work with,’s team will help you understand how to shape the partnership. For example:

  • Who takes on which responsibilities?
  • Who assumes which risks?
  • How can both organizations complement each other?
  • How can both organizations reap value and benefits from the partnership?
  • What is the most appropriate partnership and business model to pursue?

Regulatory strategy:

You’re no stranger to the importance of regulation. However, digital health puts new dimensions in play from a regulatory perspective. How does liability and regulatory strategy work for a digital health solution? will help you navigate the process of FDA regulations and clinical validation.

Go-to-market & growth acceleration:

Make sure your go-to-market strategy is ready to hit the ground running with a real-world road test from the team. We can help you pilot and test digital health solutions with a range of digital health go-to-market strategy and tactics services, including:

  • Market validation – incorporating market research and testing
  • Hiring and strategic planning – making sure you have the right team in place
  • Sales enablement – building a strong foundation of sales systems and a pipeline cadence to help you break into the market
  • Contract sales – so you or your partnering digital health company have time to build in-house capabilities