Why Decimal.health?

Our Approach

Digital health solutions have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape, but it’s easy to get lost in the clouds. We not only take a savvy strategic approach – we also road test every idea for real-world relevance and impact.

500 +

publications, case Studies and whitepapers

Our Network

Our team systematically gathers diverse insights from frontline clinicians to industry-leading business and technology experts. We connect and convene digital health stakeholders, resulting in effective partnerships and successful go-to-market strategies.

Clinical evidence studies spanning


distinct therapeutic domains.

Our Expertise

Our team of experts are both digital health solution creators and digital health solutions end users within provider networks. From startups and venture capital firms to pharma, payers, providers, and health systems, we have our fingers on the pulse. 75+ solutions implemented and scaled across 13 care settings, and 15 therapeutic domains.

End-to-End Services

Starting with customer value propositions and incentives, our consultative expertise focuses on improving the entire customer journey, from creating user-centric strategies to identifying product opportunities and developing growth acceleration strategies that work for your organization.

Join our open innovation network – Decimal Constellation – uniting health systems; vetted digital health, pharma, and medical device companies; and forward-looking venture capital firms to accelerate digital health adoption by sharing insights, tools, and success stories.

Don’t miss your chance to help us shape the future of healthcare.