Developing a Clinical Use Case & Product Strategy for a Connected Nebulizer and Companion App

Aug 8, 2022

Client Need

An early stage technology company wanted to arrive at a high-impact beachhead use-case and go-to-market strategy for their connected nebulizer. They also wanted to develop patient and provider facing digital tools to accompany the connected nebulizer

Project Objectives

  • Develop a business strategy for early adoption of current product offering
  • Develop a product strategy for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the patient and provider facing digital tools.

Our Approach

Identified a high-value clinical need and a differentiated value proposition for the client’s technology:
We evaluated current clinical uses of nebulizers, conducted interviews with patients, providers, and other experts, and screened the market for relevant clinical areas using technical and economic filters to define high-value unmet needs. We used our proprietary prioritization framework to arrive at a beachhead use case with differentiated value proposition for patients, providers and health systems.

Developed a go-to-market strategy for the beachhead use case: We defined two key customer segments and value propositions and developed a reimbursement strategy for both segments. We then evaluated potential routes to market from a value and time to market lens. Our go-to-market strategy also included strategies for clinical validation, increasing visibility and credibility, and potential pricing structure

MVP design and development: We led the product design for a patient facing mobile application and a provider-facing dashboard using principles of human-centered design. In-depth user research was conducted to define a detailed feature list and wireframes. We worked in a Product Owner capacity with the client’s software development vendor to oversee product development and ensured its compliance with the business strategy

The company has successfully secured additional funding on the basis of this strategy and are in the process of piloting their product

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