Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy for a Digital Urology Monitoring Tool

Aug 8, 2022

Client Need

An early-stage non-US. technology company developed a digital audible biomarker monitor urinary health conditions and wanted to take their product to market.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a high-impact clinical use-case and create a plan for expansion to other related use-cases.
  • Create a product launch strategy for the use-case

Our Approach

Identified a high-value clinical need: We evaluated current clinical uses of uroflowmeters, conducted expert and key user interviews to arrive at a clinical condition to focus on for the beachhead use case

Analyzed for a white-space in the market: We analyzed the direct and indirect competitors to define a differentiated value proposition using the unique features offered in our client’s product.

Developed a launch strategy: Using our proprietary framework for prioritization, we analyzed potential channels and associated value propositions. We also developed a reimbursement strategy making the product a revenue-generator for providers and our client. With a multi-step go-to-market (GTM) strategy crafted, we created a plan to begin strategic networking, increase visibility and credibility, and obtain clinical validation.

The company modified their product to compliment our recommended clinical focus areas and hired a VP of commercialization to execute our proposed GTM strategy. They are on route to obtain series A funding, and looking to launch their product in the market in Q2 2021.

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