Defining a high-Impact Use-case for a Novel Digital Biomarker

Aug 8, 2022

Client Need

An early stage technology company developed a novel biomarker to track and manage respiratory conditions. They were seeking an appropriate use-case for the biomarker

Project Objectives

  • Define a unique value proposition for the novel biomarker.
  • To create a scalable and easy to adopt use-case for a respiratory novel biomarker

Our Approach

Assessed the market need: We used our proprietary framework to assess respiratory clinical areas and conducted a landscaping exercise to study the respiratory market, trends and players

Analyzed for a white-space in the market: Equipped with deep industry knowledge and expert insights, we developed use cases that solved for a real unmet need in the market

Building a successful use-case and roadmap: We pressure tested all the use case options through a business, technology, regulatory, financial and legal lens to come up with the strongest use-case and then developed a roadmap that detailed all major milestones to build / launch the product with a focus on making the company financially viable in the first two years of business

The use case and roadmap helped the company raise funding and build the product as per US standards. The product is now undergoing usability testing in the US

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